Hi, I have a few caseta’s (caseti?) installed around my house. They all work great... except for one.

its the one that is connected to my outdoor porch light which I rarely use. It was a three way but I converted it single pole as per the instructions. It was working great for a couple of weeks and then one day I came back to see that the lights were flickering on and off slowly (about one or half a hertz). So I turned it off and didn’t think twice about it.

then the other day I looked at the casita switch for this light... and the series of dim green lights (when off) where now dark. Of course toggling the switch did nothing. So I tried pulling the tab that turns the thing off completely and pushed it back in. At this point, the series of green lights turned on: first the most bottom light, and then step wise up.... until the final topmost light - which did not light up. Then the green lights are all dark again and the switch doesn’t work... still.

Any ideas? Cheers,