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Thread: Wallbox Power Module in Essentials?

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    Wallbox Power Module in Essentials?

    The newest version of the Ra2 parts brochure includes the WPM and the SoftSwitch relay, but neither is on the Essentials program. I find them on Inclusive software easily. Will a new version of Essentials include these new devices?
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    The LQRJ-WPM-6P is an Inclusive software only device. There currently is not a plan to make this available in the Essentials software.

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    Would be great to move this to Essentials since it is essentially a Grafix Eye without the local control and Grafix Eye is in Essentials

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    I think the concern is that there's really no good way to manage the WPM on its face, unlike on the Grafix Eye. I don't see why they couldn't put in an online course to provide that training however.

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    Ah - That reasoning explains it. Your point is a good one though. Since the whole point of including Grafix Eye in the software is managing the Grafix Eye, including the WPM would simply give the same capability for that part, no more and no less.

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    I agree, just suggesting that might be the rationale. I have to admit that in the days of LED that they need a phase adaptive WPM for this to make sense. I thought about using one, only to think it was better to go 6NAs all the way than trying to make LEDs work on the WPM.

    It's strange to me that the RR2 softswitch is Inclusive only since it's mainly just a switch. I also think Lutron should make all its training online so people can spend more time selling their gear than paying to travel and for the right to learn as much as possible about the products. Luton makes its money selling gear, and the more informed people are, the more gear they will sell that is implemented in the best possible way.

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