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Thread: Verifing loads and devices in HomeWorks QS

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    Verifing loads and devices in HomeWorks QS

    Hi every one,

    I have some troubles with verifing loads and devices when I did upload programming into processor, when I get verifing devices it apears a question´s signal on left tab from the device ( in this case the devices are wireless picos ) wich they don´t allow me to perform a verification; the question´s signal means that the device could not be tested. On the other hand, when I do a verification on the loads, these are not responding; only do the dimming plugins. In the process to activate all RF devices, whe I pushed the lower buttom of any pico, the software hears all of them in the link and when I activate the pico that was heard, the other picos does not activate.

    I don´t know what to do because when I perform a verification in one dimming plug, all dimming plugs in the link respond at the same time.

    Thanks in avance for your help.

    Christhian Flores

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    Please be aware, the PICOs are one-way transmitting devices; meaning they will send information to the processor through hybrid repeaters but will not listen to or respond to any information. When in diagnostics, they will not listen to the diagnostics command thus the ‘?’ stating they cannot be tested. They will only send information and if they have been activated correctly, the repeaters will hear the button presses. As for the dimming plug-ins, it may appear as they have older firmware in them. Older RF devices had firmware where the diagnostics load verification commands would be sent out, the devices would respond to all commands. This issue has been corrected in newer versions of firmware.

    In order to ensure the PICOs activate correctly, they would need to be set to the same frequency of the RF link. There are instructions on the activate tab of the software on how to change the PICO frequency; you can also see the documentation attached on how to change frequency for one way devices. To test the PICO communication, you can connect to the processor in “Tools->Terminal” and only enable button and zone monitoring. When you press the PICO buttons, you will see feedback and system responses if the PICO is communicating correctly.

    What other RF devices are controlling loads? How far would these be from repeaters? Are there specific communication issues you are seeing with other RF devices?
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