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Thread: Painfully long QS transfer times!!

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    Angry Painfully long QS transfer times!!

    I am working on a smaller sized QS system, 2 processors, ~50 RF devices, ~30 keypads, 4 PNL-8's, no shades. My upload times are easily 30-45 minutes. The initial part of the upload, where it sends all the files seems to go quickly only taking a minute or two. Then I get to "Transferring programming to devices" and it just crawls for the remaining 42 minutes. I've tried transferring both over wifi and wired into the network and there is no difference. Any ideas or suggestions?

    I'm using 6.0.1 currently.

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    The slowest thing is typically the RF. What are the RF devices? Are they mostly dimmers or keypads? Between uploads are you changing a lot of the programming on them? If the database isn't changing for the RF devices the system recognizes that and does not re-transfer to them. Are you using vacation mode? If so, reducing the number of lights on the vacation mode can be one way to speed up transfers. My system has 61 RF devices (even mix of lights, shades, keypads and sensors) and my upload times are typically 10-15 minutes. I am using vacation mode on about 15 zones.

    Can you send in a support file to
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    My experience with slow uploads is more with RadioRA2. Poor RF communication from repeaters to devices can slow things down.

    How confident are you on your RF performance?

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    They have improved this somewhat in the beta version (not sure if it's in v5 or not) by only sending to devices that have changed. Of course, this gets reset with every firmware update, but at least you only have to deal with it once.

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