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Thread: Advice on adding WIRELESS shades to WIRED link?

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    Advice on adding WIRELESS shades to WIRED link?


    I am wanting to add some Lutron Triathlon shades to a Winter Garden Room which is connected to a whole house Homeworks QS system. There is no option of wiring the shades as the building works is complete, hence Triathlon.
    The client would like the blinds to be controllable remotely as per the rest of the system and via a pico control in the room.

    My connection point to the QS bus is on a wired link only so I cannot use a Hybrid repeater so I guess my only option would be the following:

    Install a wireless grafik eye QS controller with 1 shade group control to the wired bus. I then would link the shades to the shade group and the pico to the grafik eye.

    Would this work?

    Is there a better less expensive solution?

    Many thanks

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    Hello jwbcinergy,
    Thank you for your post.
    The best option is to get the shades on an processor RF link. The client will only be able to control the shade using the app and other control points if they are a part of the Homeworks system. Using the standalone option with the Grafik Eye would work but is not the preferred option since this will orphan the shades away from the rest of the system.

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    Thanks Blair S.

    I’m afraid I have no processor links available to set to RF.

    I’ve had a conversation with EMEA support and they have given me an option, using a RadioRA main repeater stand-alone system connected to the LAN to control the blinds. I should then be able to create a phantom keypad in HWQS to control the blinds via the RA2 system over IP.

    What are your thoughts on this? I could not find the IP commands for RA2 but there was an app note on HW doing this same procedure using RS232. I assume the RA2 IP commands are the same as Grafik Eye QS.

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    Don't mix RA2with QS UGH !!!

    I would add an additional single link qs processor to the system. then add wired repeater to that processor. I would then add repeaters wirelessly until you can pick up the shades.

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