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Thread: Programming QS to control a 2 channel DMX fixture

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    Post Programming QS to control a 2 channel DMX fixture

    Any one have any experience with EVO-LITE, their 2 channel LED panels, or any 2 channel DMX fixture in HWQS? The lighting load is four EVO-LITE LumiSheet tunable LED panels, 2 DMX channels each (CH1 warm, CH2 cool).

    I have limited experience with DMX in general, none in QS yet. I read Lutron's 15 page "Using_HWQS_to_Control_DMX_Outputs", created a mock database, added the QSE-DMX, and tried to add a 2 channel load, but my only options were 1 channel and 3 channel.

    Any insight would be appreciated.

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    What Led/DMX driver did they give you ?

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    I can't seem to attach the .pdf. It's the EVO-LITE LT8030.

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    I think you need to use 2. one channel setups to tune the panel to the white you want. You will need to make scenes for client on a button press. Basically dimming 2 different led strips from what i can tell since the led are not changing colors I think your just dimming them. Im wondering why you even need DMX for this setup. I would think 2 separate dimmers could accomplish the same thing. If remember correctly Lumisheild is PWM dimming so you still would have to do 0-10 or DMX like you're doing.

    keep in mind from eco lite site

    Tunable White CCT LED Control: Our tunable white LEDs utilize separate warm and cool white channels for color mixing. 3rd party controls must account for proportional balancing/mixing of the two channels. Example: 3000K (Warm White) = 3000K 100% ON & 6500K (Ultra White) OFF, Balancing/Mixing of both = 3000K 50% ON & 6500K 50% ON, 6500K = 3000K OFF & 6500K 100% ON. Both channels cannot be allowed to operate at 100% simultaneously as the LED are not engineered to handle such high current.

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    Thank you mcingarella!

  6. Thanks Blair S. thanked for this post
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    who know electrical wire grafik eye QS?

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