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Thread: FTP on HW Illumination 1.65

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    FTP on HW Illumination 1.65

    Is anyone else having issues uploading new configurations to a processor on Win 10? It worked fine for a long time.. but as of a few weeks ago, it's been failing at the FTP state. I tried all the common fixes.. shut down firewalls, etc. I am able to ftp fine from the windows terminal screen, but HWI1.65 endlessly tries to ftp each of my processors and finally gives me an Unable to connect to x.x.x.x Port 21

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    Hello snhroc,
    Thank you for you post.
    What you are experiencing is a clear indication that something along the way between the software and the processors is blocking FTP. Now you mention processors so I assume more than one over a network connection. Do you have this problem if you connect directly to one processor and disconnect the rest from the network? The processors will still talk to each other through the inter processor link. If you do not have the issue with this setup, then the issue is over the network and not your computer.

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    Yeah I've seen this issue a few times. Once on a series 4 and another on an 8 series. After a reboot I can connect just fine locally or through a VPN or through forwarded ports. After a period of time, I have no idea how long I won't be able to connect until another reboot.
    Danbury, CT

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    I'm with Vinning- have a site that does exactly the same thing. After a while cant connect to the 8 series processor over VPN or local connection. Reboot fixes it for while but eventually happens again. Luckily I rarely have to connect to this house so it hasn't been too big an issue for me.

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