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Thread: Processor going into Safe Mode

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    Processor going into Safe Mode

    I have processor 1 (15 total) going into safe mode every time I do a transfer. Processor 1-5 are in the main house and connected directly to my computer by a Cisco switch, processors 6-15 are connected on a fiber network. Even if I plug my network cable directly into processor 1 it still goes into safe mode. I even put a new processor in its place, but still goes into safe mode. Any guess on what the problem might be or where to look? I using 11.5 software and have HWI licences on processor 14 and 15.

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    Hello Godomotic,
    Thank you for your post.
    When you plug your network cable directly into the processor, is the processor not connected to the network at this time? If not then try a transfer directly connected to only that processor. If the issue remains then send in a support file to If the issue goes away we can investigate further if you can provide a Wireshark capture with the processor connected back on the network. You can email for instructions on how to capture Wireshark data.

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