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Thread: QS Wired with NWK-E with PICO control via QMS2-4W-C

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    QS Wired with NWK-E with PICO control via QMS2-4W-C

    I am working on an install that was originally designed to be integrated with a Crestron system by others. Unfortunately the Crestron group dropped the ball and did not 1) wire for any bedroom keypads or 2) want to integrate the Caseta Smart Bridge Pro i provided them.

    So after some research I decided my best option would be to complete the install using the QMS2-4W-C and some Picos and each room will have its own Pico

    Here's what I have and I will get to the question in a minute:
    QS Wired shades
    Shades wired to QSPS-P2-10 (I believe) with open ports
    and 3 QMS2-4W-C not installed yet

    My plan is to use at least 2 QMS2-4W-C's ... one on the main floor where the some blinds and the power panel is located and another on the top floor where there are 3 bedrooms. I plan to mount the top floor QMS2 on the side of the valance and wire it off one of the shades. The lower one I will wire to the power panel.

    My question is first is this concept going to work?
    and second is, what wiring is required for the second QMS2 ?


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    It is actually the QSPS-10PNL power supply

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