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Thread: Dimming A LED Panel With The Lutron PP-120H + DVTV-WH + Meanwell HLG Power Supply

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    Dimming A LED Panel With The Lutron PP-120H + DVTV-WH + Meanwell HLG Power Supply

    We are an online LED store, and we work directly with many electricians and with the rise of LED lighting we tend to get numerous questions about how to dim our LED panels with different Lutron products. Below is a little breakdown on how to do just that, using the PP-120H and a DVTV to control and dim an edge-lit panel with a Meanwell Power Supply.

    Below is the wiring diagram we used to wire this up.

    And below is a link to a YouTube video I made demonstrating this setup.

    This setup is just one of many different ways and if you have a better way we would love to hear it or if you just have some questions feel free to ask. :)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 4r3ji0.jpg   2a9e881.jpg   nvw0hd.png - LED Lighting Supply

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    I am planning to control from one Lutron MS-Z 101 0-10V wall dimmer two separate 12 100W Lumisheet LED panels with separate Meanwell HVG-150-12B drivers.
    No power pack is needed for Lutron MS-Z 101 0-10V and dimmable driver like Meanwell HVG-150-12B Right?

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    In your DVTV with PP-120H power pack diagram, can you advise if a 3-way switch can be added into this and what would that one-line look like?

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