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Thread: Maestro MS-OPS2 Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors

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    Maestro MS-OPS2 Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors

    This is probably a stupid question with a simple answer. The guy at Lowe's didn't know so I'm posting here.

    I bought the Maestro MS-OPS2 occupancy sensor for my garage. It is rated for 150 watts LED bulbs. However, the Lowe's guy wasn't sure -

    Is the 150 watt limit referring the equivalent incandescent watts of the light or the actual? I was going to connect two 120w LED bulbs that are really only using 18w. Will that be ok and is this being seen as 36w or 240w?


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    Hello mdezrin. You want to be concerned with the actual wattage consumed. So in your application, the 18W rating. You should have no problems with two of those LEDs on that sensor switch.

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    Great answer. Absolutely correct

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