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Thread: Empty keypad button LED stays lit

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    Empty keypad button LED stays lit

    I'm pretty sure I've seen posts about this issue before, but now I can't find them. I have some empty buttons on a couple of keypads (RRD-W7B), and the LEDs for these buttons are lit and won't go out. How do I get these buttons to go out? Eventually I'll get engraving done and I won't have to worry about empty buttons. But for now, I'm stuck with them. I'm running 11.5.

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    I solved this problem myself. Lutron Support suggested removing the keypads from the project, defaulting the devices, and then starting again.

    Instead, I added a zone to each of the empty buttons, transferred, then removed the programming from the buttons and transferred again. That solved the problem. The indicator LEDs on the empty buttons are now off.


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