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Thread: Number of wires for shades

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    Number of wires for shades

    I am considering a wired install for Serena/sivoia shades. The documentation indicates that sivoia shades require 4 wires - 2 for power and 2 for signaling. Since the shades work from commands sent by the smart bridge pro, what do the 'signal wires' do?

    Also, the schematic for the power panel only shows power outputs but no place for the signal wires. Can some one clarify where the signal wires go?

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    In regards to Caseta or RadioRA2 or RA2Select controlling shades, you will only need to two power wires. The communication will be via radio receivers built into Serena or Triathlon shades. If using Sivoia QS shades, ensure that the shade provider is using the Sivoia QS Wireless shade drives and that you are using at least the SmartBridge Pro or the RA product lines. Note- Caseta SMBPro and RA2Select cannot handle the shade types that have a tilt function (Venetian or Horizontal Sheer).
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    Thank you. I am planning on unshielded 16awg wire plenum rated

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