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Thread: Waterproofing Pico remotes

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    Waterproofing Pico remotes

    I'd like to mount a Pico Audio remote outside on the wall of my house on my deck.

    Has anyone successfully managed to waterproof a pico remote and mounted it outside?

    I was thinking of wrapping the remote in a "Saran-like" material and then placing it in a Claro mounting place.

    Just a thought.

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    Are you trying to avoid going with a conventional weatherproof cover? I don't think Lutron offers any solution for this but I have seen devices used with traditional flip style covers.

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    We use these with the wall plate adapter often. Never had an issue. We usually use clear silicon around the edges to keep the water out.

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    This was a project that got scrapped by Lutron. With Sonos and others now readily partnering, and LaunchPort adding directly to covers- I would hope this might make a come-back. Far more requests in my experience for weater resistant Picos than night light Picos.
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    Hi, did you ever try the saran idea to waterproof a Pico? I was considering the same thing and curious if it worked...

    I have access to some Parafilm, which is a bit more durable and malleable for a application like this.

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    Perhaps something like this:

    No experience of using it this way but it might be viable - if it works it should be quite a bit more robust than plastic wrap


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