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    Question RADIO RA - RAMC-5W-RL and RAMC-MFE

    question for support or others who know these models.
    I have a client who cannot operate 2 of their RF switches. The house could be 10-20 years old, new homeowners so they knownothing about where equipment is located.
    I have front door RAMC-5W switch (small scortch mark on the aluminum case - could be fried), a kitchen RAMC-5W switch (good condition but well used), and a wireless RAMC-MFE. Trouble is the 5W switches do not work properly and some buttons not at all. The remote MFE controller (has CCO1 and CCO2 connected to LV wiring) can turn all on or all off, but none of the other 2 controllers can work properly.
    So, how can I find the RF repeater (if there is one) and possibly other equipment? I know there must be remote relays or something somewhere to turn everything on or off, but have no idea where to look, what equipment to look for, or if I can successfully reboot, repair the lighting with new Radio switches.. (line voltage switching is not an option as there are no relays to be found yet)
    Any ideas or info would be helpful
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