Hi. I recently had my Smart Bridge setup on a different router in a different house that had a different HomeKit setup. I have since moved and refreshed everything. Erased all my devices and hubs. New router. Started and restarted iCloud Keychain. All of my devices connected successfully to Homekit except the Lutron SmartBridge. I am able to add my devices to it, and all devices work through the Lutron app (so the internet connection is on, and connection to my switches works).

However, when I try to add Siri Integration, it let's me choose my Home name, and then it gives me an error that says "Unable to find SmartBridge"

What does this mean? Lutron support has not been able to assist me really. I have tried holding reset for 20 seconds, and power cycling. I have removed my account from the bridge. I have signed out and in of my account. I have done the 3-tap hold, 3-tap reset (that seemed most promising as it completely wiped my settings, but same error).

Any ideas???