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Thread: QSE-CI-NWK-E OUTPUT command

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    Question QSE-CI-NWK-E OUTPUT command

    I'm working on a custom integration project with Sivoia QS shades and the QSE-CI-NWK-E controller.

    I am able to use the OUTPUT command for "Set" operations (#OUTPUT), but not for "Get" operations (?OUTPUT).

    For example, "Set level of Master Bath to 0" works fine:
    QSE>#OUTPUT,Master Bath,1,0
    ~OUTPUT,Master Bath,1,0
    However, "Get level of Master Bath" gives Error 2 ("Object does not exist"):
    QSE>?OUTPUT,Master Bath,1
    Also, when monitoring changes to the target level of the shades, I am seeing ~DEVICE statements instead of the expected ~OUTPUT statements (output after pressing open on keypad):
    QSE>~DEVICE,Master Bath,0,14,100.00
    QSE>~DEVICE,Master Bath,0,21,5
    QSE>~DEVICE,Master Bath,0,21,0
    I'm not sure how to interpret these ~DEVICE statements. The first two appear to be the keypad itself, and the third looks like setting the target level to the 100. The fourth and fifth seem to be related to shade motion starting and stopping. However, I can't seem to find where any of this is documented, and based on the documentation, I would have expected to see ~OUTPUT statements.

    For reference, here is the output of the ?DETAILS command for "Master Bath":
    ?DETAILS,Master Bath

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    Are you doing this in a HWQS system, or standalone? They are different in some ways.
    Phil Scheetz
    Lighting Control Solutions

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