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Thread: "Unaffected Mode" of Caseta?

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    "Unaffected Mode" of Caseta?


    I have several Caseta switches and dimmers, running in standalone mode. Some I have paired with Radio Powr Savr occupancy sensors, and it all works great.

    I also have some Maestro Wireless devices on another Radio Powr Savr, and I use the Unaffected Mode for some of the loads. This is documented:

    Is such a configuration possible with standalone Caseta? I cannot find any documentation, and the front panel buttons are sufficiently different to not work with the Maestro instructions.



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    For reference, this seems to work with the Caseta plug-in dimmer. Just turn the load off and press and hold the Test button on the sensor to set the on level to 0%.

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    Unfortunately, the Caseta dimmers don't have this capability.

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