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Thread: home owner with lutron installed need some help

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    home owner with lutron installed need some help


    i have a homeworks qs system at home. the electrical engineer created timed events which i cannot change on my ipad or iphone (example: some lights turn on after sunset or some lights turn on in the morning). is there another software that i have to use to change those settings/ times? If so, could someone please provide me with a link? also he told me about a software update, how can i get that? he would do it in a few days through teamviewer, but i'd prefer to not wait that long.

    also at the moment i only have access to my system when i'm at home in my network, what would i need to make the system reachable from outside my own network?

    thanks for the help!

    cheers from switzerland


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    Can you connect to the system at all? Turn lights on/off? Push buttons?

    The Lutron Home Control+ app allows you to control the system locally. You should be able to edit buttons and timed events from the app as well. It is possible the programmer turned the feature off. It is a major feature so he should have no problem turning it back on. If not, contact your Lutron rep.

    The Lutron Connect app allows you to control the system locally and remotely. The look and feel is very close to Home Control+. You will need a Connect Bridge (hardware, US$300). It connects to the Lutron DDNS servers to keep track of your system address. The Connect bridge also allows you to connect to Alexa and similar devices.
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    Keep in mind that for Switzerland, you will need to order the Connect Bridge with the appropriate power supply. The US version is for 120V and US outlets. You will likely also need a software upgrade on your system to work with the bridge and someone to activate it in the HWQS software.
    Phil Scheetz
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