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Thread: HWQS or RadioRA2

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    HWQS or RadioRA2

    I have a small church lighting renovation project. The church has old 2 wire electrical. The client is cost conscious asking for minimal rewiring / destruction / downtime so I proposed RAdioRA2 using scenes and timeclock.

    The project is in the bidding phase and one electrical contractor shared the following comment :

    “The control system specified is Lutron Radio RA. I am very familiar with this product and for your project I would highly recommend using Lutron Homeworks QS. The QS processor is a bit more robust than RA2 and has several additional features that will make programs better suited and adaptable to your current and future needs. You will be making a substantial investment here and the additional cost of using QS will be negligible.”

    I’d appreciate very much of your experience on the pros and cons of using RadioRA2 vs Homework QS for a retrofit renovation project.

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    We only need one main repeater and one auxiliary repeater to cover the entire church. Less than 30 devices total.

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    It doesn't seem like you need conditional logic or advanced button models. HQS has more options for controls (RPMs) and keypad options but that doesn't seem to be an issue either. The HQS processor is more powerful but if you are not using those features it isn't worth it.

    The cost is not "negligible." A HQS processor, panel, power supply and 2 repeaters is $2750 (retail) compared to $798 for the RR2 main & aux repeater. Devices are about 35% more. Programming is slightly easier but will never make up the price difference.

    I start looking at HomeWorks if:
    I need a 2nd main repeater (number of devices).
    It is new construction and we can do RPMs (reduced wall clutter)
    They need/want special timed events (based on a calendar)
    They need/want special button programming (conditional, manual sequence, automatic sequence)
    They need/want special keypads (pallaiom, signature, etc.)
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    Thanks so much Randy. Your list is very comprehensive and helpful.

    Isn't it also true that, with a centralized system, they may be prepared in 10 – 15 years or so to do some major upgrade because that processor will go out, sooner or later? My understanding is that that they can be asked to upgrade to a new panel system if the current panel processor is discontinued by then.

    For this project, I specified a few RF modules to reduce wall clutter and timeclock to turn on occ sensers after hours. Also a holiday button to apply an alternative timeclock schedule as a workaround for lacking calendar timed events. There are 5 scenes and 5 toggles as add-ons on the main keypads to cover church events. I can see the advantages of having HQS calendar timed events and conditional programming.

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