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Thread: Maestro causes other things on circuit to falter

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    Question Maestro causes other things on circuit to falter

    I have a Maestro (MACL-153) dimmer, with 4 EcoSmart (on the compatibility list) LED downlight buibs. With nothing else on the circuit, everything works fine - the lights come on and off correctly, dim fine, etc.

    However, I also need to plug in an adjustable bed base into the same circuit (but not controlled by the dimmer, of course). With the bed plugged in, when I turn the lights on, the circuitry on the bed will reset (indicated by an audible clicking noise, similar to what happens when it is first plugged in). So, every time the lights are turned on, the bed clicks as the electronics reset. This happens regardless of whether the lights are turned on to full brightness, or at a dimmer setting.

    I have tried multiple dimmers (all LED-compatible, and most Lutron, but including other brands), and have tried other brands of bulbs (which were worse - they would flicker when first turned on in addition to the bed reseting).

    I have also tried plugging in an incandescent bulb into the circuit (controlled by the dimmer). That didn't help.

    At this point, I'm frustrated and at a loss to understand why the dimmer is causing the bed's electronics to reset. (I don't know if if is a voltage drop or something.) I'm concerned about the long-term effects this may cause to the bed circuitry (as well as the annoying clicking when the lights are turned on!).

    Any ideas what is causing this or how to fix it?


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    Hello kcepull, It sounds as though there may be some RF interference. The first thing we would suggest is to make sure that the dimmer is not controlling the outlet. If it is not, we would suggest purchasing a plug-in RFI filter then plugging the bed base into that. Hopefully that filters out the line noise created by the dimmer and LEDs.

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