I currently have a ceiling light pendant in the kitchen controlled by three-way switches. I am planning to replace this with an Edison light chandelier (essentially a wooden box) which will also have strip RGB-LED lights on top for up-lighting of the ceiling. I would like the ability to dim the incandescent, Edison lights (8 X 60W bulbs) but cannot simply replace the three way switches (I would leave them as they are) with dimmers because the LED system needs 120 volts. So Iím thinking of splitting the feed to the chandelier to power the LEDs on one branch and using a Caseta dimmer with Pico remote on the other branch. If someone turns off one of the 3-way switches, and the dimmer switch loses power, will it also lose its pairing with the Pico remote? Also, if the 3-way switches are toggled, with the lights come back on to the same brightness at which they were originally set?