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Thread: Envirolite, first light in chain of six buzzes on Maestro C.L. Companion Dimmer Set

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    Envirolite, first light in chain of six buzzes on Maestro C.L. Companion Dimmer Set

    I recently installed six 4" Envirolite Easy-Up lights into a room in my home. 93 cri 3000k integrated down lights with jboxes built into each light.

    The set up is basically a three way switch (one switch on each side of the room). I had two existing ceiling light fixtures in the room, one main junction box, then onto the second off the first. I simply removed those and installed two lights in their place, then two lights aside each, pig tailed, secure capped connections inside the integrated jbox of the primary lights replaced.

    The first light in the chain was the originally primary feeding the second so that is the central point with most connections.

    The lights perform great without a dimmer. No issues whatsoever. I installed the Maestro CL Companion set and they still perform great, but at the central point explained above...there's a noticeable buzz there.

    I've checked and all the lights have a faint buzz that is barely noticeable except this main point where the bulk of the wires are connected in the light's junction box.

    The hum is less on the lowest dimming setting, which I've set very low. It's probably 5-10% of total range. I'm wondering what I should try to lessen the buzzing at this primary connection point?

    Envirolite recommends Maestro CL dimmers with these lights and technically they work perfectly so my thought is on this primary light feeding all others.

    Any ideas are very much appreciated!

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    Just wanted to update. I switched the load side dimmer from the Maestro MACL-153M to the Maestro MAELV-600, and now the noise is much less noticeable. It's very faint and centralized at the central point as before so I am going to check to see if I can rearrange wires better in the junction box there. Either that or it's simply many connections and maybe it's just going to make noise in my configuration. While I wish they were 100% silent, at least this is faint and live-able.

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