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Thread: MA-S8AM not going to programming mode

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    MA-S8AM not going to programming mode

    I am modernizing my home, and have successfully installed a MA-S8AM in a 3-way arrangement and all works. Now I am at another location trying to get remote switching for a patio light. I am trying to pair a Maestro MA-S8AM switch (not a dimmer) with a Pico PJ2-2B, an on-off switch. The installation works as an ordinary switch going to a single load from a single location. There is a neutral wired to the center silver screw, hot to bottom black, load to top brass, blue not used.

    Instructions say:
    1. Press and hold the dimmer/switch tap button (Figure 1) for approximately 6 second. Once the LED(s) start to blink slowly, release the tap button.

    With the MA-S8AM on-off switch, there is no single 'tap' button. There is off, and there is on. So try first with the light off, and LED is dim. I turn the light on for 6+ seconds, LED brightens, but does NOT start slowly flashing after releasing the button. I repeat with the light on to start, turn it off by pressing the bottom button 6+ seconds, LED goes to dim, but does NOT start slow flashing after release. In each case I try pairing the PJ2-2B anyway, with no results. The PJ2-2B has never been paired by me, but I go thru the unpairing process anyway and try all again. Does not matter.

    I am unable to get the MA-S8AM to pair with the PJ2-2B. Both are new products, bought on Amazon. The device is hanging out of the box while testing, but I clip the ground wire to ground. Makes no difference.

    What next?

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    Tried to edit, but was not allowed because I took longer than 5 minutes. The MA-S8AM does have a single button, but can be on or off when commencing with programming. My explanation above could have been better.

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    Hello RBoyd, The MA-S8AM is not a wireless device. It is not compatible with your Pico remote. You will need to replace the MA-S8AM with either the MRF2S-6ANS or the MRF2S-8ANS120.

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