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Thread: Is Caseta right for me?

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    Question Is Caseta right for me?

    I am adding a home theater space to my basement. I am a licensed electrician. What I would like to have is four areas of lighting being pot lights near the tv, pot lights at the other end of the room from the TV, some LED strip lighting, and a star field. What I would like to have is a scene select switch at the entrance to the room. Would four Caseta switches, a Smart Bridge, and a wall mounted four button Pico do this? If I wanted to add IFTTT integration at some point in the future would I need the PRO version?

    Thanks for your help

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    Yes, this can all be done with Caseta, and the 4-button, 3-scene + Off Pico remote.
    IFTTT (IF This Then That) will work with any version of the Caseta bridge, both the standard and Pro.

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    Moose- Are you ever planning on adding an AV controller such as RTI, URC, Crestron, etc.? If so, then the Pro bridge is required for integration with these third party controllers. If not, then the standard SmartBridge would suffice.
    Simple automation when DIY isn't working

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    Ok that's great thanks

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