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Thread: Using the Smart Bridge without the internet

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    Using the Smart Bridge without the internet

    We don't have Caseta yet, we're still researching. We are super paranoid about security and, as such, don't have any home automation devices. Yes, we do have cell phones and yes we have a wifi network, but only grudgingly accept those ... we LOVE the fact that this communicates with devices using RF rather than wifi.

    So, would it be possible to set up a Caseta system ... switches, remotes, and a bridge ... set up the app and set up schedules and then, after everything is working ... say, a week ... unplug the bridge from the router?

    I realize we'd lose the ability to control anything with the app, but so far, we're only looking for a way to control the outside lights based on dawn/dusk (we've tried just about everything {non-home automation** out there for this**).

    I've read that the system still works if the internet goes down but power stays on ... so, after it's set up, does it really need the internet?

    (** we have three lights in front, they are all on the same 3-way switch system. Two on either side of the front door and one over the garage. We tried light sensing dawn/dusk gadgets that screwed into the bulb sockets ... worked OK for the light above the garage, but the door lights are shaded weirdly ... one gets sunlight during the day and the other doesn't much ... often one light would be on nearly all day ... We have looked into a dusk/dawn sensor that we could wire into the switch circuit ... but the front of our house is brick and hubby do not want to drill it. Replacing the actual fixtures with new dusk/dawn fixtures would result in the same issue as the gadgets ... the lights wouldn't go on & off at the same times)

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    The Caseta system requires internet for initial setup, and for syncing its time.
    Once it is set up, you can remove it from the internet, and the Scheduled Scenes will still occur as long as the bridge doesn't lose power.

    The time on the bridge should be pretty accurate for a few months without internet connection. Over time, the time on the bridge will start to drift and Scheduled Scenes will start to happen either earlier & earlier, or later & later, depenting on which way the bridge time drifts. This will continue until the bridge resyncs its time by being reconnected to the internet.

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    Thank you!

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