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Thread: New ronuter broke Apple HomeKit Integration

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    Question New ronuter broke Apple HomeKit Integration

    Up until now I was using Fios internet with the provided combo modem/wireless router. I recently bought the Google wifi router system. I disabled the wifi signal on my Fios router and am now using the Google wifi system for wireless and the Fios router as a modem. The Google wifi system is using the same network ID and password as the Fios router. I can still control all my lights with the Lutron app and all the automations/scenes still work. However in the Home app, it says the devices are not responding. In the Lutron app when I tap Siri Integration, it says discovering smart bridge and then it says "You must be on your home wi-fi network to set up Siri."

    To troubleshoot, I went into the Fios router, changed the network ID, re-enabled the wifi signal and logged onto that with my phone. That solved the issue. However, I want my phone to be logged onto the Google wifi system because it's WAY faster than the Fios router.

    I have tried every troubleshooting tip I've found: turning iCloud and iCloud Key chain on and off. Reset the router. Unplugged the router. Signed out of the Lutron app. Reset network settings on my phone.

    Someone please help! I love using Lutron through the Home app on my iPhone and I love fast internet. HELP!

    Screenshots below:
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    Same Boat

    Did you ever find a way to resolve the issue? This is the exact same problem I’m having, nothing at all is correcting it so far...

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    I am having the same issue... has anyone figured it out?

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    How are your networks set up and what is the Lutron bridge connected to? It's likely that you've created two networks in the house, and the bridge is on a different one than other devices.

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