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Thread: Lutron Dimmer Buzzing with GE LED Bulbs

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    Lutron Dimmer Buzzing with GE LED Bulbs

    I installed (4) GE A15 60w equivelant lamps (LED7DA15M-WS9HT2 ) that are called out as dimmable, so I installed a Lutron Dimmer (TGCL-153PH-WH) to control that. The dimming is working fine but I get buzzing from both the dimmer and the lamps. I'm assuming these buls are not compatible with this dimmer. Is there another I can use that is?

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    Hello Dan San Diego, we have not tested the LEDs that you are using, so we cannot guarantee compatibility with any of our controls. If you want to use these LEDs, we would recommend contacting GE to see if they have a dimmer recommendation that will not buzz with those LEDs.

    If choosing another LED is an option, we would recommend using our LED product selection tool at This tool has report cards that will let you know if any buzzing was detected during testing.

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