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Thread: Sivoia QS + Beolink Gateway questions

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    Sivoia QS + Beolink Gateway questions

    I have just upgraded MLGW to BLGW. The Lutron Integration Protocol is implemented much better there. You finally start to enjoy using the setup :)

    However there are two open questions for me (Grafik Eye QS EcoSystem + Sivoia QS shades)

    1. I have assigned the control buttons of Grafik Eye as a "Button with light" and BLGW by default adds button+80 to the address parameters to get the LED status, but it does not work - status does not change. It is said that one can adjust the figure from the real log, if needed, however I do not see the LED status from the telnet messages when connected to NWK. Where to look? Or somebody knows the actual parameter of LEDs instead of 80 already?

    2. I can capture the curtain drives from BLGW, and assign it as a shade. They are displayed on the Beolink2 Shades screen, but controls do not work (nothing happens). I have tried both Serial and IntegrationID as an address, with or without ",0" parameter... What is the correct format? The captured buttons from Grafik Eye work well.

    Can anybody help?


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    I have found the answer on 1 in Integration Protocol several minutes after posting. But 2. is still valid

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