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Thread: 3-Wire LED Light Fixture

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    3-Wire LED Light Fixture


    I'm new here, so I apologize in advanced if my question is not clear.

    I'm designing a HomeWorks QS system and need to confirm the load type and the correct control parts required for the system to work properly.

    I have a LIGHTHEADED downlight fixture that calls for "Lutron 3-Wire (1%)" and I selected the load type as "LED 3-wire". When I'm landing the loads in the modules it automatically adds a "PHPM-3F-120" interface at each output.

    Is there another way around it? Or this is the only way to do it right?

    Am I selecting the wrong load type? I was going to attached the light fixture spec, but couldnt do it.
    The fixture is: LIGHTHEADED L4X-F-RA

    Thank you,


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    There is other ways of doing accomplishing 3 wire dimming with QS. However they will all require more hardware. For example they offer 3 wire RF dimmers but since you already have a RPM panel the PHPM-3F-120 is a better choice

    The real issue here is that the wrong type of driver was selected for the fixture when using this fixture with Lutron Homeworks They do offer 2 wire dimming where it could have been used direct wire to the RPM. The down is the dimming range usually only down to 10% vs 1% on 3 wire or Eco

    I would recommend familiarizing yourself with LED dimming types If these fixtures and Qs were designed as a
    system you may have been able to give a less expensive setup with better control using Lutron Eco. Most likely these fixtures were specified by a designer with no consideration for control and dimming. I understand your pain !! been there and once you get more familiar with LED dimming types it will give you a huge understanding of the LED world where there are no standards and its everyman for himself. LOL

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    Thank you so much for your prompt response!
    The light fixtures are being provided by the electrical contractor and we had specified a QS system to put the proposal together before the cut sheets were available. I believe there is still time for them to change the fixture specifications.
    It would be a lot easier if we were also providing the fixtures.

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    clicked and responded before realizing I was in a HWQS sub-forum. Sorry!
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