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Thread: Homeworks QS Devices losing power

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    Homeworks QS Devices losing power

    Hey everyone, I just activated a new Homeworks QS system and for some reason some of the HQRD-6NA's are losing power. The LED indicator lights go out and the device stops responding to local and programmed control. If the service switch is pulled and pushed back in it comes back to life and all is good. Originally I thought it might be a low wattage load issue but the devices on my smallest loads aren't doing it. There's over 100 devices on the system and maybe 10 have had this error. Anyone run into this before?

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    Hello Irmoreilly,
    Thank you for your post.
    Are the load types LED? If so are they approved LEDs? You can use this link to check compatibility. If your LED is not on our website then we cannot guarantee it will work correctly with the dimmer.

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    I have made adjustments to the load type in my programming as the bulb report card referred to but haven't been back to the site yet. Hoping the programming alterations will make the difference. Thanks. I'll post the outcome.

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