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Thread: Pico Remote for Audio, can it not control multiple Sonos speakers?

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    Pico Remote for Audio, can it not control multiple Sonos speakers?

    I have the Pico for Audio but kind of disappointed, hoping I'm just using it wrong. In my living room I have a Playbar, Sub, and 3 Play 1s. I want the Pico Audio remote to control all of them as they are 99% of the time grouped together. In the Caseta app though it only lets me pick one speaker, so if I put it on the Playbar, only that one comes on. I then have to use the Sonos app to group them together which kind of defeats the purpose of using the audio remote. Is it not possible to have them group together somehow?

    Second question is should I not be able to just press the Play button any time to start playback? I find this rarely works, typically I have to press the Favourite button and then the music starts, but then I don't know what favourite station is on and have to cycle through it until I find the one I want, so I find it kind of clunky. Thanks!

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    Each Audio Pico can trigger a Sonos Room. If there is only one speaker in a room, it will only affect that speaker.
    If you want an Audio Pico to control multiple Sonos speakers, those speakers would have to be grouped in one room in the Sonos app.

    The Play button can only play the station that is loaded on that room in the Sonos app. If there isn't a station loaded, the Pico won't be able to play anything.

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