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I would think for most people Caseta is easy and would handle 90% of the needs of most folks and the cost is inline with what one might expect to turn on a few lights with voice control. It is the other folks, like myself that are hitting that threshold of 50 items and wondering which way do we go now. We have invested in a system that at the time was good, and it still is. But the limit that is placed on the device when you start out, is pretty big. But you rapidly approach that limit when you start adding controllers, additional light switches, etc. With no way to see an upgrade path, not saying there should be, but for Lutron to release something after the fact which is almost identical and they are putting software on the system that purposely doesn't work with the switches you invested in, can seem like a little slap in the face. For crying out loud you can't tell me the same Pico remote can work with both systems, both systems! And then to turn around in the same breath and tell me those same wall switches can't work on the new system. Kinda doesn't make sense.

Since both units appear to be aimed at the DIY, why can't they say, hey, here is a new box, you will need to upgrade to at a fee of XXX.XX. I think you will see almost any and every Caseta owner jump on it. Especially those who have reached the limit and took to the internet to discovery the other items. Then you start reading about RA2 Select which is being marketed as a DIY project since you don't need programming skills or a certified programmer and it uses the same remote on the phone as the Caseta!!

Again, to a lot of the folks here, this seems like a big ole money grab from Lutron. And you are partially right, when you come out to a house, heck you see it on these boards, the amount of ego or condescending attitudes by the custom installers (not all, but there are some), then tack on the fact it looks like you are trying to up sell the customer, to a price that is considerably higher. Yeah it does kinda look like you are just wanting to make money, and then you also add in, that every time you want to add anything or change anything you have to call the custom installer back out for a fee!. For the average person, that is going to be a turn off. I don't think your average person is going to want to spend grand and up to have a few lights turn off and on. A few hundred and the ability to do it from their phone or tablet (running the phone software mind you). Yeah they will most likely do that!