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Thread: LED dimming driver Caseta compatibility issue

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    LED dimming driver Caseta compatibility issue

    Hoping someone can help that knows more about the lutron dimmers. Looking to set up some new construction work to be smart home capable in some way, just having trouble getting a few things compatible with the Caseta Smart Bridge Pro.

    I have a bunch of recessed LED lights that are running Hi-Lume 1% Ecosystem/3-wire L3D LED dimming drivers. L3DA4U1UKN-HA070 is the model number. I can't find a compatible Caseta dimmer that would work with this dimming driver because this driver requires 3 wire dimming and I can't find a Caseta dimmer that supports. I originally had planned to keep things simple and just use Maestro compatible wireless dimmers and Pico units for any 3 ways to make install easy. Seen the Smart Bridge support for automated home systems and wanted to get everything working with that.

    So, that is the issue i'm running into. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    The only way to control the L3D drivers via Caseta would be by using the PD-10NXD dimmer along with the PHPM-3F-DV-WH 3-wire interface., Page 23, shows how this would allow you to control up to 41 fixtures at once. You would need one PD-10NXD, and one PHPM-3F-DV-WH for each set of L3D drivers that you want to control separately.

    The LTE drivers could be directly controlled with the PD-10NXD dimmers, without an interface. The matching LTE driver would be LTEA4U1UKN-HA070., page 32 shows that you could control up to 13 LTE drivers with the PD-10NXD.

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