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Thread: 4-5 zone room - less than 4-5 switches?

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    4-5 zone room - less than 4-5 switches?

    Looking to put Caseta into a new room, with 4-5 zones. It's a home theater, with six can lights, two sconces, and rope lighting. What can I do to avoid a solid 8-12" of switches on the wall? I'd be ok if there were 1-2 switches that turned things on and off en mass, and then using a remote/app to dim or toggle individual zones. Is such a thing possible?

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    With the Caseta system, you still need 1 switch or dimmer per zone of lights. What some people have done is rerouted the wiring to switches in a regular closet or an electrical closet. They then put a couple of Pico remotes in the room itself to either turn on/off groups of loads, or all loads, then use the app to control zones individually.

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