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Thread: Fan Control using Homekit

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    Fan Control using Homekit

    I am working on designing my first install using the new Connect Bridge 2.

    Are 2ANFs exposed to homekit for control when using the new bridge?

    I’ve searched for an answer or video of a demonstration and haven’t been able to find anything.

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    I reached out to Lutron Support about this, and was passed from the "Application Group" to "System Support". They then provided me with a document that I've read previously (google "integrating homekit with ra2" and it's the first from, which may indirectly answer my concern about fan control. I just really would like to know if the extent of homekit compatibility stops at lights and shades. If so, lutron missed the mark a little with this integration.

    I guess my best course of action is to experiment with a client's install and not promise anything more than what I can get to work onsite.

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