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Thread: Can non-inclusive software open file saved by inclusive?

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    Can non-inclusive software open file saved by inclusive?

    I guess the simple question is if a job is saved by inclusive software and it only had devices that the non-inclusive software was allowed to use, can the non-inclusive software of the same version open it, adjust it, and upload it?

    The complicated version is, what if you had saved the work with the inclusive software and had a Grafik-T in there?

    I had a job where the customer had trained to be a level 1 and had access to the non-inclusive software and started the design and even had his electrician install a few of the devices but he wanted me to finish the job and then give him the finished database back so in the future he could make any changes he wanted without me. A month later, he told me that he couldn't open the file I had given him and it was giving him some sort of error so I just assumed that he probably had the older version and told him to just go back and download a current version.

    I haven't heard back yet, but tonight I was working on a new computer and installed the Ra2 software (non-inclusive) and saw that the Grafik T was not showing up until I upgraded to inclusive and remembered on that job, we added one Grafik-T dimmer because of an oversized load! So now I'm nervous that the customer is going to call me one of these days and ask what's going on and I want to have a proper answer.

    If the answer to my first question above is yes, can I remove the Grafik T and then the file is available to the non-inclusive version or once inclusive, always inclusive? I always thought the only difference between the two was having access to two main repeaters and thought the devices were identical. Or at least the software should give a warning that "this is an inclusive only device, are you sure you want to add it?"

    To be honest, I have never been a fan of Lutron giving customers access to the ra-2 software. I hope I don't have trouble on my hands because of this.

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    Sparky- once a file is opened and worked on in Inclusive, you've locked out the Essentials- regardless of the devices installed. Don't forget that you may have shared scenes which the Essentials can't handle, either. That being said, I've worked similar jobs where the customer wanted access after a Level2/Inclusive programmer started or sold the job. The homeowner already completed Level 1 training, I never saw a problem with them having Level 2 access if the rep approved. It would only apply to a single computer, so I always asked that it was on their desktop. Also, I never offered this to any "homeowner" that could possibly become competition for my installers and programmers.

    Note- back in the day, I was the rep in charge of RadioRA2 for my territory. My perspective may be slightly skewed on this subject.
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    Thanks your answer and insight. I think if the customer calls back about that, I would get in touch with the local rep and see if he can get access to Inclusive. This a highly respectable and intelligent customer so there is zero chance of him doing this type of work outside of his home or messing things up. And if he does, I get a service call! You're also right about shared scenes...I love shared scenes and his whole house is built on shared scenes so there is no going back now.

    Personally I don't know why there are two versions of the software. If customers are allowed to gain access then let them have the same thing, or not allow them to have any access. We already have Homeworks QS so that is the differentiation between upper end and medium upper end. The hardest part I think is the original design, installation, and activation...after that, there isn't a whole lot that can be messed up.

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