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Thread: Stand alone Switch and Sensor

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    Stand alone Switch and Sensor


    I currently have a Caseta setup in my house, however I don't need the controls for our walk in closet, so I would like to setup a stand alone system that turns the closet light on when there is motion and then off after a period of time.

    Can someone recommend the parts that would be needed in order to accomplish this?

    I thought about adding a smartthings hub, but I would rather not if I don't have to.

    I noticed some folks around here have setup motion sensors as stand alone systems but they didn't mention what they actually used, hence my question.


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    Just got off the chat line with Lutron, for those that are interested here is what you would need. I wanted a ceiling mounted motion sensor:

    PD-6ANS with LRF2-OCR2b-P

    To setup:
    Press and hold the bottom button on the wall switch for 6 sec. and then press and hold the light bulb button on the sensor for 6 sec.

    no app needed, standalone only.

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    Good to know. I may have to a few things standalone to back of my 50 device issue. But it sounds like if we want to keep Caseta switches on a Lutron hub then a 3rd party hub and sensor are required. So Smartthings is a likely option and any ST compatible sensor . I use the Iris motion sensor.

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