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Thread: Lutron Keypad

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    Lutron Keypad

    Hello there,

    Quick and easy question, can the lutron Keypad or Hybrid Keypad handle lighting loads?

    I mean can I replace an old single gang 3 button switch for a Lutron 3 button Keypad?

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    The hybrid keypad has a dimmer built into it. So, yes, it can control a load and still act as a keypad.

    Interestingly the keypad does not have to control the load on the keypad itself. We put one in a situation where the load for some outdoor lighting was running to a single gang switch that was ill-suited for controlling it from there. That location was better served with a hybrid keypad whose buttons controlled other nearby lighting. The hybrid's load ended up being controlled by other keypads elsewhere in the residence, along with timeclock events. Worked out quite nicely as a way to give automation control in an awkward location because of someone else's 'remuddling' nonsense.

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