I have both of the above dimmers, they both use a neutral and the one has the favourite button on it. When I got them, I installed them and they worked fine, but they didn't stop the flickering issue I had so I removed them and shelved them. I have a new condo now, but only some lights have neutrals (even though it was built 2 years ago). I had tried to use both of these recently in my home, but for some reason they just wouldn't work. I thought I'd try them at my new condo but I have the same issue. Basically what happens is the one just flashes the top and bottom LED on repeat over and over. If I swap the line/load then it does nothing. The other one seems like it works, as in it shows the LED brightness level on the dimmer, but the light itself never turns on. I'm using ME16 Halogen bulbs connected to these, that all work perfectly fine with the normal no neutral version of these.

The neutral works fine, as Insteon switches there work fine. It's just weird that both of these won't work for me, but not sure if it's because they are designed for a different type of load or what not. Any suggestions or tips to try?