I've got a Windows 7 Pro system that's been reliably programming and transferring to Ra2 systems for ages.

Now, with 11.5.1 it seems like it won't reliably transfer more than once. (To say nothing of the whole TCP/multicast mess).

I start Inclusive, load a project, change some programming, save it to a new file on disk and transfer. All goes as expected.

Make a few more changes, save to a 2nd new file and attempt to transfer, it fails.

Quit and reload Inclusive, reload the 2nd saved project and it transfers without error. Try to transfer again, even after as much as a two hour delay, and it still fails. I have to quit/reload Inclusive every time now.


These little delays add-up to a lot of time wasted and that impacts billing and estimating for projects. Eventually this turns into enough negative momentum to lead to folks choosing other products. Not because they're better, but because they don't keep introducing random screw ups like this.