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Thread: Why does a keypad have load types if it doesn't respect the choice?

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    Why does a keypad have load types if it doesn't respect the choice?

    There's a few situations where it'd be handy to have a keypad controlling a non-dimmed load.

    The 11.5 inclusive software supports setting a whole variety of load types for a keypad. One of which is 'Non-dimmed Lighting'. Which you'd think would mean the equivalent of an On/Off switch, right?

    Well, not to the raise lower buttons on the keypad. I have an H6BRL. I set it up with a local load configured as Non-dimmed Lighting. I can go into the Home+ Android app and it correctly sees that load a just a switch. Likewise, elsewhere in the program screens for the button it's seen as just on/off.

    However, the raise/lower buttons are programmed as "Raise last button pressed" or "Lower last button pressed" ignore this. They change the dim level, completely ignoring the load type configured for it.

    I'd imagine this could be a problem if the load does not react well to the voltage being dimmed this way, possibly dangerously so.

    Tangentially, I notice the R/L buttons now have a double-tap feature?

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    pretty sure Lutron is just going to tell you that you cannot connect a switched load directly to a hybrid keypad. You need to put a power booster in-between the hybrid dimmed output and the load.

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    Which would still have a problem due to the dimmer cutting the voltage, no?

    Seems like the firmware in the keypad ought to be able to understand not to dim the connected load if it's configured that way.

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