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Thread: User Guide for Essentials Software?

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    User Guide for Essentials Software?

    Maybe I just don't understand how to navigate Lutron's website but I'm having a really hard time finding what I'm looking for:

    Is there a user guide for how to program and manage a RadioRA2 system using Essentials or Inclusive software? I can find comprehensive instructions for "manually" programming a system but nothing detailed for a software-based system. (Detailing features like delays, fallback timers, etc)

    I took (and passed) the online course, but there's a few topics I'd like to review in detail...

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    Have you tried to contact the rep in your area? The SoCal reps are great at helping out with this. In some areas, Lutron itself handles RA2. It could be possible to connect with the territory manager and get some added direction. Where are you located?
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    I'm located up in NorCal. Great suggestion to contact my local rep. I don't have specific issues or questions at the moment, I was hoping to casually browse / read up on topics of interest to make sure I'm getting the most from the system. There are already a number of small tidbits I've picked up from the forum here.

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