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Thread: Allow Bridge Thermostats Have Home, Away Modes

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    Allow Bridge Thermostats Have Home, Away Modes

    The big miss with the connect bridge (other than having to buy a v2) is the ability for them to respond to home time clock modes. It makes the integration essentially useless, and at present itís just a related thermostat in the app.

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    I have yet to add my thermostat- just picked up the WIFI2 Honeywell. Haven't had a chance to program one either. So they don't have the ability for the main repeater to change the settings? That would be disappointing and cause me to lean to the TouchPRO and the original HVAC controller (which I always thought was awesome).

    That coupled with the fact I was an early adopter of the Connect Bridge 1...
    Simple automation when DIY isn't working

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