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Thread: RadioRA 2 7.0 yes it has been a while....

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    Question RadioRA 2 7.0 yes it has been a while....

    Have not programmed RA 2 in a few years as you can tell by the software version I am running on my laptop... what is the latest version of software being used to program RA 2 as I just reinstalled my system into a house in Colombia S.A. and want to get it setup and running. Also I see that Lutron has a "new cloud-based Lutron Connect Bridge hardware and the new Lutron Connect App" Also If I purchase the Connect Bridge will it work fine down here in S.A.?

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    Found out on my own... 11.5!!! Wow, hope it is not too much different than 7.0 or I might be in for a long relearning period... :-)

    So how about more info on the Connect Bridge? And also when is RA2 getting Google Home support? It mentions it on the main Lutron Website but that is about it....

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