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Thread: Old White Label RPMs

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    Old White Label RPMs

    Can anyone explain what the difference is between the old white label RPM-4Us and the new red label RPM-4Us?

    A while back I spoke to someone in tech support about the dimming triac changing about 10 years ago. But what I really need to know is ...How critical is it to swap them out? I'm servicing a 9 Panel system, and speaking with the client about a QS Upgrade, but if the RPMs absolutely have to be swapped as well there's no way the client will upgrade. It doubles the price from about $40K to $80K.

    Also spoke to the client about LEDs, and they have no intention of swapping any lamps out at this time.

    Any info would be helpful.

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    Hello Betsy,
    Thank you for your post.
    The white label typically means it's an older module that should be replaced. Although inspecting the date code is best to be sure. A date code with KXX or lower should be replaced. A date code with LXX or higher is good to use in HWQS. The older RPM will still dim the load, it is the communication to the new MI and processor is where the compatibility issue is. The loads will experience delay and can cause loss of control for a period of time. It is recommended to replace modules manufactured pre 2003.

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