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Thread: Program PICO wireless to use with Keypad

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    Program PICO wireless to use with Keypad


    WE have a RadioRA2 system installed in the office

    In one room I have this key pad

    My buttons are programmed as follows

    All On
    Overhead ON / Desk Off
    Overhead OFF / Desk ON
    All Off

    Can I manually program this with this pico wireless device

    Ideally I would like to set top button for Overhead ON / Desk Off, and "off" button for overhead Off/ Desk ON

    If SO How do I go about doing that


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    Thank you for your post.
    If your system was programmed via software you will not be able to add a Pico remote manfully.
    If your system was programmed via walk around, you can program the Pico using is link:

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    Ra2 systems are typically programmed using software that runs on Windows. You'd use that same software to add a Pico (by activating it) to the Ra2 main repeater. Once added the buttons on the Pico could be programmed to interact with any number of the other Ra2 devices on the repeater.

    The next question is, who set up the system for you and are they available to add the Pico and set up the programming? If not then you'd have to learn the software (free if you're on a main repeater with under 100 devices) and do it yourself.

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