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Thread: RS-232 Interface Selection

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    RS-232 Interface Selection

    Good Afternoon:
    We are assisting a customer with AV integration and they wanted to tie in the Lutron lighting system. Our communications protocol is via RS232 and looking at their system, I believe they would need a QSE-CI-NWK-E or GRX-CI-RS232 however I am not sure which device if either of those is appropriate to interface with there dimmer. Currently they have the Lutron gp24-1204ml-20 and a GP3-1204M-20. I didn't get the model of the control panel itself but I can if it helps. I know typically the interface then is low voltage MUX to the dimmer. Could someone assist me with the proper interface selection? Thank you!

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    In order to apply the lighting system integration you would have to use GRX-CI-RS232. That would allow the dimmer interface to function properly.


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