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Thread: Fan/Light Control (LFQHW) with old Hunter Ceiling Fan

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    Fan/Light Control (LFQHW) with old Hunter Ceiling Fan

    I have an old Hunter flush mount ceiling fan. I have recently updated the room and changed the wall switch to a Lutron Fan/Light contol (LFQHW.) I also added a light to the bottom of the fan. When I attached the switch and remote, the fan operated perfectly. The light, on the other hand, did not operate properly. I am using halogen bulbs. With the fan OFF, the light would not turn on. With the fan running, a loud humming noise, with no light. When adjusting the fan speed, up or down, the light would buzz louder and glow slightly.
    I have checked all wiring and re-nutted all old and new connections.

    The only thing I do notice is the light canopy contains a transformer and a capacitor that connect for fan speed control.
    Any ideas?

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    Correction: The ceiling fan is a Murry Feiss, Model 52 1894.

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