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Thread: GRX 3106 failure

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    GRX 3106 failure

    GRX 3106 CE with 1 wallstation running 20 x 12v transformed MR16 lamps appears to have failed.
    Power to unit but no leds on. No light on wallstation either, though power is on.
    About 6 months ago I replaced 50w lamps with 8w Philips dimmable GU 5.3 leds with no apparent problem.
    Are there any known issues with led replacement?
    Are there any tests of control unit iteself?

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    Hi. I am in a development with all units have GRX 3106. Mine is first for panel to go dead. I need to replace with new version that is compatible. 4 key pads attached with only 2 being used. only used for zone lighting and dimmable options. Has to be compatible. What are options ??? Thanks

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